Space Liner Association (SLA)
Action Plan for FY2021

PKG1 (Business TF)
Develop and quantify a snapshot of the space transportation industry at the target point in time, and the size and nature of the market for space passenger transportation. Provide a rationale for the world and stakeholders (countries, legacies, funds, CEOs) to understand and believe that these are feasible.

PKG2 (Technology TF, Human TF)
It is important to include not only performance, but also operability, economy, safety, and especially design criteria specific to human transport. It is important to consider market-driven advanced technologies and differentiation from the leading U.S. private sector, etc. This will serve as a guideline for the specific and systematic implementation of future R&D plans, including government support.

PKG3 (Human TF)
Development of action plans for cooperation on leading activities (public-private partnerships, ventures, etc.) and necessary institutional arrangements for commercial human transportation.

PKG4 (All TF)
Planning of implementation strategies and tactics for the establishment of markets and technology systems identified in PKG1 and 2. Study and planning the creation of a situation in which countries, legacies, emerging entrepreneurs, and funds can act. We will prepare the environment and facilitate entrepreneurship , including the implementation human space transportation system in Japan, including the government support and framework development.

PKG5 (Public Relations and Communication TF)
To build support from the public by communicating the activities and achievements of the Association, and to improve and accelerate the feedback from the public and understanding of the Council’s activities.