Board of Directors

Representative Director Yoshifumi Inatani
Dr. Inatani was a professor at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS) before joining JAXA. He has been engaged in the development of rockets and for use in space science missions, as well as research on future space systems. He is also actively involved in research into the future of space utilization, including the outbound and inbound transportation systems to make space activities more common and reduce transportation costs significantly.
Shinichi Nakasuka, Director
After working for IBM Japan, Dr. Nakasuka became a lecturer at the University of Tokyo in 1990, then an associate professor, and finally a professor in 2004. He has been engaged in research and education on nano-satellites, intelligent and autonomous space systems, innovative space systems, and navigation guidance and control. He has successfully launched 13 nano-satellites, including the world’s first CubeSat. He is a member of the government’s Space Policy Committee.
Director Yuki Takemori
Mr. Takemori is engaged in investment and financing for manufacturing. He has been involved in the development and manufacturing of aircraft, in particular aircraft engines, improving Japan’s position through international joint development of the V2500, CF34, GEnX, Trent1000 and GE9X. He is also involved in the launch of start-ups and the formation of JVs to industrialize space.
Director Hiroshi Ogasawara
Mr. Ogasawara has been in charge of the design, development, and flight testing of the H-II, IIA, and IIB launch vehicles, as well as the OREX and HYFLEX space plane projects. He worked on the development of the Japanese space shuttle HOPEX, but the project was suspended. He has been in charge of the overseas development of the H-IIA and H3 launch services since 2015, and understands the rigors and possibilities of the space transportation business. He will become a professor at Tokyo University of Science in 2021, after serving as Chief Engineer in 2020.
Director Hiroyuki Iwamoto
After joining the National Space Development Agency of Japan (now JAXA), he has worked in marketing to promote commercial utilization of the ISS, the transfer of the H-II launch vehicle to the private sector, overseas assignments, space education, strengthening and expanding the space industry, and promoting co-creation activities (J-SPARC) with private companies. Currently, he is promoting initiatives related to human resource development and human resource mobility in the space industry.
Director Kiyohiko Nagai
Kiyohiko Nagai joined Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting after conducting research at an overseas graduate school and a career in heavy industry. She has been engaged in many consulting projects related to strategy formulation, financial analysis, marketing and business evaluation. She is currently engaged in a project at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC to revamp the structure for new business creation and business investment management based on the integration of finance and industry know-how.
Director Takashi Makino
After joining Nissan Motor, Mr. Makino moved to Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries (currently IHI) through a business transfer. Mr. Makino led the company’s space projects and was the chief engineer of the Epsilon launch vehicle, which was launched in 2013 and resulted in the successful demonstration of the vehicle’s capability. He later served as Executive Officer and Deputy General Manager of the Aerospace Business Division of IHI, and President and Representative Director of IHI Aerospace. He is currently Executive Fellow of the IHI Aerospace and Defense Business Area.
Akihiko Miura, Director
After joining ANA, Mr. Miura worked in the maintenance, marketing and procurement departments, and gained a wide range of experience in airline operations, from field operations to management strategies. Later, as an executive officer, he was engaged in procurement of aircraft, engines, fuel, etc. As a director and managing executive officer, he was engaged in medium- to long-term business strategy formulation and company-wide digital transformation. He is currently a full-time corporate auditor of ANA Holdings.
Director Yoshinori Komiya
Former Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office. After joining the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), he was engaged in policy planning related to the manufacturing industry, intellectual property, and industrial finance. After being transferred to the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, where he was in charge of planning, coordination, and public relations, he served as Director General of the Office of Space Strategy and Director General of the Secretariat for the Strategic Promotion of Space Development in the Cabinet Office from 2014 to 2016. In that capacity, he formulated the Third Basic Plan for Space Policy and two pieces of space-related legislation, which fundamentally strengthened Japan’s space policy in terms of both security and civilian affairs.